Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Congrats to all the students who competed in the Special Olympics!

Gold Medals
BJ- Standing long jump
Selena- Tennis ball throw
Emily-Tennis ball throw
Jeremy Nelson- running long jump
Noah- Standing long jump
Selena-50 Meter run
Kirubel- tennis ball throw
Emily- 100 M walk race
Jonathan- Tennis ball throw
Carlos Cruz- Standing long jump

Silver Medals
Steve- 50 M. Run
Jeremy Hernandez- 100 Meter Run
Carlos A.- Tennis ball throw

Raymond- Tennis ball throw
Leroy- Standing long jump

4th place
Jeremy Nelson- 50 M run
Jeremy Hernandez- standing long jump

6th place
Juan Rivera- Standing long jump

Participant Ribbon
Ray- 100 M Walk race
Freddy- 100 M walk race
Leroy- 100 M run participant
Carlos A- 50 M Run
Freddy- Tennis ball throw
Nasirpal- tennis ball throw
Irvin- tennis ball throw
Steve- Standing long jump
Juan-Standing long jump
Michael Hernandez- Tennis ball throw